AMAZON Unboxing Prime Day

A global unboxing 

Twitch Prime participated in the first real-life event celebrating Prime Day, an Amazon shopping tradition.

Twitch Prime sponsored a 64-player PUBG tournament in Los Angeles as a lead up to Prime Day.

Some of the players were top streamers and celebrities including:

  • Kevin Smith

  • Ludacris

  • Dr. Disrespect

  • Shroud

  • Chaco Taco

  • Luzo

  • Deadmau5

  • Anderson Silva

Invitations to the exclusive event at a the secret, undisclosed location were sold to the Treasure Truck community for $1.

These invitations were picked up from the treasure truck at The Grove in LA where people discovered what the event was.

This was a 7hr live stream event that wrapped with a live Deadmau5 concert.